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Anniversary Cards

An anniversary is a milestone marker for any happy occasion. We note special occasions of all sorts by circling them on our calendar, putting them in our appointment book, asking others to “save this date.” When only a memory of the occasion is left, it’s nice to remember its date and acknowledge the reason for celebration by sending anniversary cards.

When you remember employment anniversaries with anniversary greeting cards, you are honoring the celebrant by acknowledging the value of what they do for your company. It’s especially flattering when you note which anniversary is being marked and how pleased you are to have this person on your team. There are few employee motivators that offer such value for so little.

So, too, when you remember the wedding anniversaries of family and friends, your thoughtfulness speaks volumes. Not only does the anniversary card let them know that you value them enough to remember a date that’s important to them, but it’s also a wonderful way to provide emotional support for them.

There are other anniversaries worth noting: formation of a partnership; cessation of a bad habit; overcoming an addiction; achieving a life goal; attainment of a title or promotion; establishment of a new home or new facility.

Once you start to think, you may be surprised at how many occasions pop up, for which it is appropriate to say, “Happy Anniversary!”