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Get Well Cards

Looking for ways to stand out to clients, associates or friends? Many people are already accustomed to sending and receiving Birthday cards or Congratulations cards when someone has something special to celebrate. Yet it is equally important to acknowledge when things are not going as well. Sending a tasteful get well card to show people you are thinking of them is an important way to further build your relationships but it is one that is sometimes overlooked. These get well cards will leave a lasting impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

Letting your clients know you care about them on a personal level is not only an act of kindness but one that will be warmly remembered. While nearly everyone knows it is proper to send a Sympathy card when someone we know has experienced a loss, not everyone takes the time to send a cheerful get well note to lift a client’s or employee’s spirits. They will appreciate the sentiment and remember your kind gesture in the future. Let employees know you are thinking of them in their absence and wishing nothing but the best for them. Remind them what a terrific company they work for and show that you care about them as people.

You can choose from one of our standard greetings or order these cards blank inside to give you the freedom to express your thoughts with a handwritten note. You have the option to personalize these get well soon cards with your name or your company name. Be sure to hand sign these get well cards and consider adding a little note to any preprinted greeting or personalization to add that touch of warmth that will show you genuinely care.

For family and friends near or far, get well wishes will let them know they are always on your mind. Our get well card and other greeting card designs featuring famous colorful paintings by Monet or Van Gogh will be truly elegant and proudly displayed for all to see. No matter the recipient, these cards will bring smiles and cheer during a difficult time. So don’t save your well wishes just for happier times such as giving out Welcome cards to new employees, show you are there for the more challenging times too and you will be happy you did.