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Corporate Holiday Cards

Large or small, upscale or low key, today’s business world has a golden opportunity. You can either help to be responsible for an uplifting holiday season, or rest on your laurels and hope your customers, vendors, and staff will think of you during the holiday season.

Take a look at the incredible variety and elegance of the Corporate Holiday Cards in our collection. We think we know what the initial reaction will be when one of these gorgeous pieces of art is received. With all that has taken place in the recent past, people will know that they can count on your business to persevere and to become and remain strong. They will rejoice in the fact that you have selected them to receive this affirmation from your company with a personalized message.

Whether you prefer mainly typeface, snowflakes, landscapes, or modern, traditional, city or country “scapes” for your card design you will have to agree that the possibilities are almost endless. Beautifully embossed designs using foil and a broad spectrum of colors are outdone only by the affordable prices that we offer when you take advantage of our discounts.

Naturally, we would only encase these Corporate Holiday Cards in the most elegant of envelopes. The deckle edged, foil lined classic envelopes are equal in elegance to the corporate holiday greeting cards they accompany. You will have the option of choosing our traditional envelopes requiring moisture to seal or, for a small added charge, the seal fast envelopes with the pull tab sealing feature that helps making sending out your cards a breeze.

We can also boast that we are an Eco-Friendly Manufacturer. We display the FSC, Windpower, and Recycled symbols on the back of our greeting cards where appropriate. When your customers see these symbols on the back of your corporate holiday card, it will only reinforce the positive impression that you have already made by sending one of The Gallery Collection’s stunning designs.

After viewing our website, you will understand why so many companies choose The Gallery Collection for their business holiday greeting cards.